- 10.22.2016

Small news update! 666 Bistro is still on a hiatus but it's because I've had some paid work and various projects pop up that took me away from working on the comic. Which is good on one hand but on the other it's a bummer it takes away from other things. However the new coloured pages are finally online! Take a look!! I hope you all enjoy the new colourful 666! I'll have a new mini series online starting soon (probably after ShortRun) and spend this winter cranking out more 666 Bistro!

- 07.10.2016

666 Bistro is on hiatus until end of summer! Taking a break for now and working on new pages for the next exciting chapter! You can see previews on my Twitter and Instagram accounts!

- 03.13.2016

Witches Get Stitches is now on SpiderForest! Check it out! Really excited to be a part of this cool community!

- 01.03.2016

666 Bistro is now online! Updates begin today January third and will continue every Sunday!

- 09.08.2015

Just a quick news update! I've finished the next chapter for Witches Get Stitches! The printed collection will debut at SPX this fall!! Which is less than two weeks away! AHH! I was also accepted into Short Run this October so if you're in Seattle be sure to check it out!!! So the new comic will be available at both SPX and Short Run but will later of course be online, so if you can't make it out it'll be online soon enough!

Otherwise this winter I plan on working with two writers to create two new mini comics to be ready for 2016 con season. So excited to work with some fun and cool people! So keep an eye out this winter because I'll have some cool new stuff to share!! :D

- 05.17.2015

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Witches Get Stitches has come to an end!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *throws up confetti and blasts some Darkthrone and headbangs*

Thanks all who stuck around and read through it all! I hope you enjoyed it! Leave a comment and let me know what you liked and didn't like about Witches! The printed book is available in my webshop and local comic shops in Seattle if you're interested in havin this comic in your collection. Otherwise, thank you again everyone and all my friends that support me through all my bad life choices!!

So what's going to happen next????? Well sadly I'm going on a small break until I draw some more Witches, there is a second story and it will come! SPOILERS! It's about food because I really like food! :D I just want to get to a point that I can be sure I can consistently update and not leave people hanging. I'm not going to go away though! I'll be doing short fun little comics and short stories until I'm ready to start the next Witches. Some will feature Archvold and others just random characters. Aside from that, I'll always be posting previews over on Twitter so feel free to follow me if you want see some work in progress pictures.

Anyway, thanks again! Witches was a lot of fun, I learned plenty of new things working on this story and hope the next instalment will be even better!

- 04.03.2015
You can now buy the Witches Get Stitches book over in my webshop! Check it out!!

I started on the next story for Witches! I've already drafted up most of the story and excited to get drawing!

So talking with friends that also attended ECCC a lot of them are bringing up con slump. I was definitely physically tired and mentally drained having to come out of my hermit hole and talk to people for three days straight. Yet creative wise?? ECCC got me pumped up to draw more!!! I never felt so inspired before! Just seeing all that amazing talent all weekend and meeting amazing creative people just makes me want to make comics! I was honestly in a slump before the convention, there was some stuff I wanted to put together for the show but I just couldn't bother to pick up the pencil. Now all I want to do is draw my brains out!

I felt I was pretty unproductive at work last week after the show, all I wanted to do is draw comics and all that was on my mind was comics. I ended up signing off on a report last week using my comic name instead of my real name. The good news is that, if the report is messed up, Laura Graves is getting a talking to and the real Laura is going to have a great day.

- 03.29.2015
Emerald City Comicon was amazing!! What an awesome show! The new Witches Get Stitches book made its first appearance and it was definitely well received! So many wonderful people came to visit me!! I saw all my friends and I made so many new friends and connected with a ton of awesome people!! I really have some of the coolest, talented and loving friends imaginable, really appreciate all the support from them all!! There was so much talent at that con, I couldn't believe how many amazing folks there was. I tried to see as much as I could while away from my table!! So much original art and so much original work going on too! I love it all!! I'll try to write a better recap of the show later this week! Going to get update the webcomic and get some sleep!

- 01.11.2015
It's a new year and a new comic update! Are you excited? Because I'M PUMPED UP!!! RRAAAHHHH! Pages will update weekly every Sunday! So instead of waiting half a year for a new comic you'll get them weekly until I run out of pages....

I hope everyone had a good 2014! It was a super cool year and a ton of fun! I am looking forward to 2015 and the adventures that await!

Webcomic updates on hiatus

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- Rose City Comicon - September 9th-10th
- Heroes Con - June 16th-18th
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Laura D. Graves is a comic artist and illustrator from Seattle Washington. She has self published six independent comics including Wild Beasts with Anne Bean. She has also contributed work to Fart, a Seattle based comic magazine anthology. She has also had her work showcased at Vera Project at the Seattle Center. You can contact her at witchthrone9[at]gmail.com

- 2012 December [WEB COMIC] Tribal Century (discontinued)
- 2013 November [COMIC] BUTTS2BUTTS
- 2014 March [COMIC] Chopping Block
- 2014 June [COMIC] Benefits published in The Stranger
- 2014 June [ARTWORK] Unreleased by Mississippi Jones
- 2014 September [COMIC] Forbidden Burrito published in Sentinel Magazine
- 2014 September [COMIC] Witches Get Stitches
- 2015 January [WEB COMIC] Witches Get Stitches webcomic launched
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- 2015 September [COMIC] 666 Bistro comic book printed
- 2016 March [COMIC]Wild Beasts comic book writen by Anne Bean and illustrated by me released
- 2016 April [COMIC] 666 Bistro coloured edition printed
- 2016 August [COMIC] Acid Witch comic featured in Fart Anthology
- 2016 September [COMIC] Meat Sweats comic book printed